A Women's Fashion Icon Norwood Parade, Adelaide

WELCOME to Dignity & Impudence. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

My name is Julie Wardle. I am the owner of Dignity & Impudence and I love my job. Part of my job is travelling interstate to do most of my buying to source the best fashion and accessories to suit our Australian lifestyle. I love finding the perfect outfits for my clients.

I have been in retail for over 20 years and some things have changed but the basics are still the same. Women want to look good and feel fabulous wherever they are or whatever they are doing. They want to wear something that flatters their shape and makes the best of what they have got.

That’s what we do at Dignity & Impudence. We help you find and define your look.

I have a great team working at Dignity & Impudence who are dedicated and trained to tailor an individual look for you. We take the time to perfect your look and fit so you feel fabulous which gives you confidence in your appearance. Our absolute priority is to make your visit to the boutique as fabulous as it can be. Whether you are browsing to catch up on the latest or searching for that special outfit we will help you to feel at home.

We genuinely love what we do at Dignity & Impudence. We love to get to know you better so that we can always be of service to you and we would rather you leave with nothing than leave with the wrong outfit.

The favourite part of our job is when clients come back and thank us for helping them. There is nothing more satisfying and we love that.